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Fight for the Bay: 
Why a Dark Green Environmental Awakening Is Needed to Save the Chesapeake Bay

Dr. Ernst’s new Book pulls no punches. Fight for the Bay describes the Chesapeake Bay as "functionally dead," an ecological zombie that succumbed to a “light-green” environmental movement that too often adopted a philosophy of compromise over confrontation.
Dr. Ernst reveals a “political dead zone” where elected officials posture but fail to make the hard decisions necessary to achieve real environmental improvement, where polluting industries get what they want, and where the environmental community is left with hollow promises that things might get better in the distant future.  

While blunt in his evaluation of past and present failures to restore the Bay, Ernst believes that there is still time to turn the restoration effort around and sets out a new "dark green" strategy to do so. This challenging book provides a wake-up call for everyone concerned about the future of the Chesapeake Bay and other ecological treasures.  

With Guest Contributions From:

Glen Besa, State Senator Bernie Fowler, Tyla Matteson, Anne Pearson, Mike Shay, and State Senator Gerald Winegrad