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Troubled Waters Program


Troubled Waters

Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico, and Beyond 

Environmental Policy and the Nation's Endangered Waterways 


Eisenhower Institute’s Fellows Program


Fall 2010 –Spring 2011


Program Objective

The program aims to provide a limited number of Gettysburg students with an intensive opportunity to discuss the central concepts of environmental policy, to explore the nation's water related environmental problems, and to interact with the environmental policy community. The program is open to all students who have an interest in environmental policy.    


Eisenhower Institute Non-Resident Fellow, Howard Ernst, Ph.D.

Howard Ernst is an associate professor of political science at the United States Naval Academy and Senior Scholar at University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. He has published widely in the area of environmental politics and is considered a leading authority on the Chesapeake Bay restoration. His publications have been adopted by environmental studies programs throughout the country and highlighted by numerous media outlets: including the Washington Post, National Public Radio and PBS Frontline. Dr. Ernst will lead the program by delivering relevant lectures, guiding student discussions, organizing field experiences, and facilitating a student research symposium. 


Program Components

The program is comprised of three complementary parts:


A)    Four lectures/discussion sessions that provide students with the conceptual grounding necessary to understand environmental policy (Fall 2010).

  1. Environmental Ethics: Discussion of the value conflicts that define environmental policy and that complicate environmental policy solutions. 
  2.  Environmental Economics: Discussion concerning potential market failures and what they mean for environmental protection. (Oct. 15, 4:00-6:00),Glatfelter Lodge. 
  3.  Environmental Politics: Discussion concerning environmental policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. (Oct. 29, 4:00-6:00), Glatfelter Lodge. 
  4. Case Studies:  Discussion concerning the struggle to protect and restore marine environments like the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. (Nov. 12, 4:00-6:00), meet in front of Eisenhower Institute at 4:00 to travel by van to Hundredfold Farm.                    


B)    Field experiences that expose students to environmental problems and the environmental policy community (Spring 2011

  1. D.C. Fieldtrip: A one-on-one discussion with BP's lead environmental attorney, Thomas Milch  (TBA)
  2. Evening Speaker Mike Tidwell (February 1, 2011): A discussion with environmental advocate and Gulf Coast expert.
  3. Gulf of Mexico Trip (March 11-16), participant list

C)    A student run symposium in which seminar participants present the key lessons learned from the program (Late Spring 2010). 


Spring Break Videos

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Applying to the Program

Questions regarding the program should be emailed to Howard Ernst at chesbayblues@gmail.com under the subject heading “Troubled Waters.” The application for the program can be downloaded from the Eisenhower Institute website http://www.eisenhowerinstitute.org/programs_scholarships/inside-politics.dot. Please note that space is limited for this program. To receive full consideration, applications must be received by the stated due date. 

Troubled Waters

Mike Tidwell, Spring 2011 Lecture, Bayou Farewell: The Mississippi Delta in a Time of Change. 

Tom Milch, Spring 2011, D.C. meeting with BP's lead environmental attorney.  

Hundredfold Farm, Fall 2010 field trip to Gettysburg's sustainable housing community. 

Spring Break Trip, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (Cocodrie, LO). 
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