Legum's New Line

Naval Academy Professor Howard Ernst’s first book,Chesapeake Bay Blues, was a remarkably prescient critique of the politics of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. In the book, written in 2003, Ernst argued that not nearly enough was being done to make meaningful progress cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. Five years later, the front pages of newspapers around the country confirmed that he was right.

Now Ernst is back with a follow-up volume, The Fight for the Bay, which focuses on what needs to be done politically to restore the Bay to health. The Capital provides a preview:

        Ernst packs in analysis of how environmentalists, politicians and journalists have failed the bay, and how they can make a difference. 

        It wraps up with essays from environmentalists recalling some of their biggest struggles to help the bay.

        Ernst, argues that politicians and environmentalists are too quick to compromise, adopting what he calls a “light green” mentality…

        Politicians often fall into light-green mode, passing compromised bills that don’t do much, Ernst said.

I haven’t read his new book yet, but plan to pick up a copy at a book party aboard the Richard Lee this Saturday night in Shady Side, MD. You can find info on the event here.

If you can’t make it, pick up a copy online.